OppiaMobile is an open source mobile learning platform specially designed for delivering learning content, multimedia and quizzes in low-broadband settings

No internet required
All the content and activities can be accessed and used even when no internet connection is available.

Gamified system
Earn points and badges for completing activities, quizzes and watching videos


For learners 

  • Access learning activities, videos and quizzes all offline on Android smartphones
  • Activities designed to support face-to-face training sessions
  • Earn points and badges for completing activities and courses
  • Automatic notification when course updates are available
  • Support for multilingual content
  • Text to speech function – so activities can be read out loud

For Tutors

  • Designed to support existing training and teaching programmes in all professional areas
  • Track the activity and progress of your students – for example, which activities they have completed, quiz scores and videos watched

For Course Authors

  • Supports learning/training content for any professional area
  • Course content can be collaboratively edited and produced in Moodle – no need for programmers to maintain and update learning content
  • Support for multilingual content
  • Updates to courses and quizzes can be automatically pushed out to users

For Administrators

  • Designed to support existing training and teaching programmes in all professional areas
  • Online dashboard to get a quick and easy overview of activities
  • All code for both phone client app and server is open source – so you can customize to fit your needs
  • Manage remotely (lock, wipe data) user devices with Android's Device Admin API


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1. Login or Register

After you have installed the app you will be prompted to login or register for an account, you will need an active internet connection to do this (and for subsequently downloading modules and any required media/videos for the first time)

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2. Download courses

Once logged in, you will need to decide which learning modules you would like to download – press the ‘manage modules’ button to explore the currently available courses and to install them, just by clicking in their icons.

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3. Download media

If a module you have downloaded has associated media, you will be prompted to download them in the homescreen. Alternatively, you can download the videos onto your PC/laptop and them copy onto the phone, using the ‘Download via PC’ action.

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4. Explore

Once everything is set up you can access all the content without an active internet connection, and when you get one, your quiz scores and activity tracking information will be sent back to the server to allow your teachers/tutors monitor your progress.

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5. Progress

As you progress in your courses completing learning activities and passing quizzes, you'll earn points and badges to represent your achievements. This information is always present in the app in the top-right corner of the action bar.

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All the code for the OppiaMobile platform (both server and app) is open source, so you can customize it to fit your needs. It is released under the GPL license, and we really welcome any input to the development of the platform by other programmers. The platform is under constant development and there are many features pending to add, plus many areas where the platform could be improved.

Here you can find some useful links:


View the GitHub repositories of Digital Campus and access the source code of each of the main OppiaMobile platform components

For Developers

Go to the developers page to have an overview of the architecture, workflow and components which make up the OppiaMobile platform.


Access the full OppiaMobile documentation to understand how to set up your own implementation and make basic customizations.

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