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Update your knowledge on Infectious Diseases diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Review the Communicable Diseases module for Primary Health Workers

Communicable diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and parasites, make a huge contribution to the burden of disease, disability and death worldwide. Some communicable diseases are easily preventable through simple measures such as vaccination and changes in human behavior, for example, handwashing with soap. To prevent or control the major communicable diseases worldwide, a […]

Our paper “Efficacy of handwashing with soap and nail clipping on intestinal parasitic infections in school-aged children: a factorial cluster randomized controlled trial” published in PloS Medicine has accumulated +16.000 views since published

Washing our hands with soap has been one of the most important advances in human hygiene. While we take it for granted, it was only very recently that scientists showed the relevance of washing hands with soap. The aim of our study was to assess the impact of handwashing with soap and nail clipping on […]

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