S08954356 Mobile health data collection at primary health care in  Ethiopia: a feasible challenge

Araya Abrha Medhanyie, Albine Moser, Mark Spigt, Henock Yebyo, Alex Little, GerrtJan Dinant, Roman Blanco

Published October 2014


th_jhpn273_cover100Practices and challenges of growth monitoring and promotion in Ethiopia: a qualitative study

Selamawit E. Bilal, Albine Moser,Roman Blanco, Mark Spigt and Geert Jan Dinant

Published September 2014


imagesMeeting Community Health Worker Needs for Maternal Health Care Service Delivery Using Appropriate Mobile Technologies in Ethiopia

Alex Little, Araya Medhanyie, Henock Yebyo, Mark Spigt, Geert-Jan Dinant, Roman Blanco

Published October 2013


PGH-105pxRisk factors for intestinal parasitosis, anaemia, and malnutrition among school children in Ethiopia

Mahmud Abdulkader Mahmud, Mark Spigt, Afework Mulugeta, Ignacio López Pavon, Geert-Jan Dinant; Roman Blanco

Published February 2013


1807-human-resources-for-healthKnowledge and performance of the Ethiopian health extension workers on antenatal and delivery care: a cross-sectional study

Araya Medhanyie, Mark Spigt, GeertJan Dinant and Roman Blanco

Published November 2012

bmc_logoThe role of health extension workers in improving utilization of maternal health services in rural areas in Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

Araya Medhanyie, Mark Spigt, Yohannes Kifle, Nikki Schaay, David Sanders, Roman Blanco, Dinant GeertJan and Yemane Berhane

Published October 2012