Update your knowledge on Infectious Diseases diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Download the Communicable Diseases module for Primary Health Workers

Communicable diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and parasites, make a huge contribution to the burden of disease, disability and death worldwide. Some communicable diseases are easily preventable through simple measures such as vaccination and changes in human behavior, for example, handwashing with soap.

To prevent or control the major communicable diseases worldwide, a joint effort by primary health workers, the government, and community members is crucial. Together with the practical skills training associated with this Module, Communicable Diseases will help Community Health Workers to acquire the basic skills and knowledge to reduce the burden of mortality and morbidity in their community through the detection, prevention and treatment of common and emergent infections.

You can download the course to run offline on your Android smartphone directly from the OppiaMobile learning app.

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