Update your knowledge on essential Public Health concepts and epidemics. Download the Health Education, Advocacy and Community Mobilisation module for Health Workers

Many things that will actually improve the health of our communities, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, depend on community and communal action. This module teaches the skills required to enable health workers to mobilise a community and promote community participation. It will help primary health workers with some practical ideas of where to start and how to go about the work with individuals, families and with the whole community. The module also focus on theoretical concepts such as learning about human behaviour, or how people learn. Understanding these issues will help primary health workers in their day-to-day work when they are actually faced with people who they need to engage with. Acquiring advocacy work skills are also important  to make sure that leaders know of the real health needs of the communities and work together with primary health workers to improve the health system.

You can download the course to run offline on your Android smartphone directly from the OppiaMobile learning app.

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