Update your knowledge on basic Public Health interventions. Download the Hygiene and Environmental Health module for Primary Health Workers

Most of communicable diseases in low income countries are preventable using environmental health interventions, so targeting environmental health is critical for improving the health of their communities. Good hygiene practices are an essential part of our daily life and we all need to understand what hygiene means, why it’s important for our health and wellbeing, and how we can change our behaviour to safeguard our health.

The Hygiene and Environmental Health Module comprises 23 study sessions divided into two parts. This Module will help students address hygiene and environmental health issues in their communities. This module introduces students to the important concepts and key terms that are used in environmental health and hygiene. We explain the scope of environmental health and describe the links between hygiene, sanitation and human health. We also describe the steps in environmental health planning and give students an overview of their role in the management of hygiene and environmental health at community level.

You can download the  course to run offline on your Android smartphone directly from the OppiaMobile learning app.


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