Launch of the MOH Uganda Capacity Building App based on the OppiaMobile platform

MOH Uganda Capacity Building App is a health worker learning / training platform supported by the Community Health Academy- Last Mile Health in collaboration with Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Uganda Chartered HealthNet and the Ministry of Health using the OppiaMobile app technology.

A significant limiting factor to an appropriate COVID-19 response in Uganda is the need for social distancing which prevents traditional capacity building efforts such as face-to-face training. Covid-19 Uganda training platform has been developed to address this need in a timely manner.

OppiaMobile is an open source mobile learning platform specially designed for delivering learning content such as multimedia and quizzes in low-resource settings. Course content can be developed in Moodle and then exported to run offline on the OppiaMobile Android app.  Once MOH Uganda Capacity Building App is downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet, the training content is readily available for use offline. Users earn points for engagement with the course content, and badges when they complete a course. When a course is updated, users are automatically notified that a new version is available, so they can keep their course content up-to-date.

Users can download the MOH Uganda Capacity Building App from the Google Playstore.

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