A collaboration with the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communications Programmes (JHU CCP), to support their use of OppiaMobile for training family planning counsellors. NURHI is a 5 year project funded by the Gates Foundation that aims to eliminate the supply and demands barriers to contraceptive use among the urban poor in 6 cities (Abuja, Ibada, Ilorin, Benin City and Zaria).

The content consists of a series of videos produced displaying both appropriate and inappropriate supportive behaviors for family planning counseling sessions with clients.

nurhiBy introducing the educational videos as an application for the midwives to access on the smartphone we ensured minimal disruption to their workflow while introducing a valuable tool which will provide additional educational content and functionality to support their day to day tasks.

Distributed to 270 midwives, OppiaMobile validated that a smartphone application could improve access to relevant educational material for a reasonable cost.

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