To get started using OppiaMobile, first install the app on your Android smartphone.

After you have installed the app you will be prompted to login or register for an account, you will need an active internet connection to do this (and for subsequently downloading modules and any required media/videos).

Once logged in, you will need to decide which learning modules you would like to download – press the ‘manage modules’ button to see the currently available modules and to install them.

Some modules have associated media and videos, these are not included in the module downloads to help keep the filesize down and prevent you using up too much of your data allowance (especially if you have a pay-as-you-go tariff, or slow mobile internet connection).

If any of the modules you have downloaded have associated media, when you return to the OppiaMobile homescreen, you will be prompted to download them. Follow the onscreen instructions for downloading any missing media. Currently you are only able to download media directly if you are on a wifi connection, but alternatively you can download the videos onto your PC/laptop and them copy onto the phone – follow the instructions for ‘Download via PC’.

Once you are all set up with modules and media you can now access all the content, take quizzes and play videos even when you have no active internet connection. When you do have a connection, then you quiz scores and activity tracking information will be sent back to the server to allow your teachers/tutors monitor your progress.

You will be automatically alerted if there are updated versions of your modules available for download. If you download the updated versions you will not lose your current course progress.

You can earn points and badges for completing activites, quizzes and watching videos. Points are currently awarded as follows:

  • 100 – creating an account
  • 50 – downloading a learning module
  • 20 – first time you attempt a quiz
  • ? – percentage score you got for a quiz on your first attempt. E.g. if you score 75% on your first attempt you get 75 points
  • 50 – bonus if you get 100% on your first attempt at a quiz
  • 10 – each subsequent attempt at a quiz (max. once per day per quiz)
  • 10 – completing an activity (max. once per day per activity)
  • ? – video views – points are awarded for how long you have watched the video for, with a bonus of 20 points for the first time in a day a particular video is watched.

The points scoring is designed to encourage you to return to the course regularly and review the content.

Course completion badges are awarded when you have completed every activity (including watching all the videos) in a particular learning module. To be awarded the badge you must have scored 100% in every quiz in the module (note that you may retake each quiz any number of times), and once you are awarded the badge you also get an additional 500 points.