OppiaMobile server updates

We’ve just made live a big update to the OppiaMobile server. The previous version (running from the http://mquiz.org/) has now been deprecated in favour of http://demo.oppia-mobile.org. The main reason for this change was to switch the focus from quizzes to courses. mQuiz as a site was only really being used to deliver the OppiaMobile courses, not for quizzes, so it didn’t make sense to have the focus of the site being on quizzes.

We also released a new OppiaMobile client app (v2.0.0), available from Google Play and by default this will now point to the new http://demo.oppia-mobile.org. Older versions of the OppiaMobile client app will still function fine without any updates, though obviously we’d recommend that you update your client app when possible.

For those interested in setting up your own OppiaMobile server, we’ve tried to make it easier to set up and install, so rather than downloading 3 different Django apps from GitHub, you can now install the server using ‘pip’, we’ve put up some initial installation documentation at: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.org/ and we’ve updated the developer pages.

We’d really welcome any feedback on how we can make it easier for you.

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