How have the courses been adapted?

The Health Education And Training (HEAT) courses were originally written to support the new Level IV for the Health Extension Program in Ethiopia. HEAT is the approved training programme by the Ethiopia Federal Ministry of Health to help upgrade its 34,000 Health Extension Workers (HEWs).  As part of the mobile adaptation process, Digital Campus removed specific references to Ethiopia and HEWs to ensure that the resources could be used more widely in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to help deliver effective frontline health worker training.

For some courses, a summary version is also available (e.g. Antenatal Care and Maternal, Newborn and Child Care) which essentially displays clear and concise health information messages, video and quiz content that can prove to be useful for health workers wishing to gain a more timely and practical approach to health training.

How can I access the resources?

There are three  different ways to access the content:

  • You can download the courses to run offline on your Android smartphone directly from the OppiaMobile learning app.
  • You can browse the content directly on the Digital Campus Moodle server. Although this applies the same style-sheet as when the content is viewed in the OppiaMobile app, the navigation and layout isn’t identical to the mobile app. This option is likely to be useful if you’d like to get a feel for the subject areas covered by the courses and the activities included.
  • You can download the Moodle backup versions of these courses. This option is designed for you to be able to install the courses on your Moodle server for the purposes of providing localized versions, perhaps to fit your curriculum, or with references to the country/region in which you are delivering training.

Can I reuse or adapt these courses?

Yes. All the courses are released under a Creative Commons license, and include media content which is also released under an open license. Users are free to adapt these courses to fit their needs.

ORB by mPowering

Our courses are also shared on the ORB content platform. ORB is an initiative of mPowering Frontline Healthworkers to encourage organisations interested in sharing their learning resources, job aids, toolkits and similar materials for frontline health workers. Digital Campus is an ORB Content Partner.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions?

Digital Campus welcome any questions, feedback or suggestions about these learning resources. Digital Campus can provide advice on how to integrate mobile learning into your health worker training program. You can contact us at: