OpenWASH: An essential set of training modules for Primary Health Workers to learn about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions and the challenge of current emerging infectious diseases

This essential collection of WASH training modules, originally developed by the OU and UNICEF, has been mobile-adapted by Digital Campus for the Primary Health Workers that need to quickly learn essential water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) concepts and interventions. These modules can also be used for in-service training of new primary health workers and by more experienced personnel seeking to improve their knowledge and skills on any specific WASH topics.

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New Oppia server and app releases

Last week we released updated versions of both the Oppia server and app.

The latest version of the server is v0.12.0 and it’s quite a big change since now we have moved to using Python 3 and Django 2 (primarily because support for Python 2.x will be dropped at the end of this year).

Since there are a lot of changes, the upgrade process is more complex than our previous releases have been, but we have some (hopefully) complete instructions here:

On the app side (now at v6.9.0), the changes are relatively minor, some small refactoring and bug fixes.

The code on the master branches of both the server and app are up to date with server v0.12.0 and app v6.9.0, and the full release notes on the issues fixed can be found at: and

Any feedback welcome, and if you find any issues then please let us know via our community site (

OppiaMobile Community site is now open…

We recently set up an OppiaMobile Community site (, for discussions on all the different aspects of OppiaMobile, getting help and support, ideas for new features and integrations, UI and UX designs, along with the core development and questions about how to implement OppiaMobile.

So if you have any questions about Oppia, or want to see the latest discussions, then please sign up to the community site (it’s free!).

For any queries/feedback about the OppiaMobile Community site, then please post them in the Community Feedback category (

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