New OppiaMobile Preview Video

We’ve just posted up an updated preview video of OppiaMobile, showing some of the recent interface updates we’ve made, plus, of course, the new name. We’ve also started to build up the OppiaMobile website, so gives learners, course authors and developers a better overview of how to use OppaiMobile.

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Mobile Training app video


A video showing the new mobile content training app I’ve recently been working on: There’s more info about the app on my personal blog (see here, here and here). If you’re interested in trying the app for yourself you can get it from Google Play – it’s a work in progress so any feedback is […]

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Patient Management Tools Video


Video demo of the patient management tools currently being used by Health Extension Workers on our project. This video shows the mobile protocols (using ODK), the mobile scorecard and analytics dashboard.

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Mobile training course content and quizzes


We’ve recently been looking at how we can embed some of the Open University HEAT training content (for HEWs in Ethiopia) onto mobile phones and have these integrated alongside interactive self assessment questions (SAQs). We restricted the content to just putting the introduction, learning outcomes, summary and SAQ for each of the study sections, otherwise […]

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Video Content Management and Streaming with Kaltura and Moodle

Through the elearning training we are trying to encourage teachers to make more use of video and other multimedia content in their courses. This presents us with several issues, mainly because most video streaming sites are blocked by the University (to save bandwidth). This means we either don’t include the videos or we download to [...]

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